Charater Mine

Character Mine

This is a flash-card style self-test program for learning Chinese vocab, combined with the 100,000 + item community maintained and contually updated CC-CEDICT Chinese/English dictionary.

The program continuously encourages you to form connections between the new items you are learning and your existing vocabulary database. Your existing database of characters is presented as an interconnected web, allowing infinite drilldown.

Character Mine Chinese Language Learning Software for Windows 2000, XP and Vista
bullet Add items from dictionary or add manually.
bullet Integrated with Skritter Scratchpad.
bullet Character Mine HSK vocab packs available to download.
bullet New - Network or Dropbox compatible.
bullet Enter characters or just pinyin - beginner friendly.
bullet Traditional or simplified chararacter modes.
bullet Automatic vocab review after three months.
bullet Customizable or random fonts for testing.
bullet Integrated image search.
bullet Complete software package - no locked down features or time trail.